About Us


Everyone needs a place to belong.  A Place where people know your name.  A place where people care when you hurt.  A place where people expect and encourage the best from one another.

Wouldn't it be great to find such a place?  To discover that it believes in the worth and dignity of every person?  That it believes in strong families, honesty, and hard work?  That it seeks to honor God through all its activities?

The North Jackson Church of Christ is striving to be that kind of place, that kind of people.  When the Bible speaks of the church, it speaks of far more than a building.  The church is people.  God's people.  Caring people.  A place to belong.

We believe Jesus's words.  "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another."  Peace, unity, and a warm friendly atmosphere have long been trademarks of the North Jackson Church of Christ.  We love and care for one another.  We call one another by name.  We visit in one another's houses.  We are involved in one another's lives.

Could such a place be something you have been looking for?  If so, please let us tell you more.

Even from the youngest children, every effort is made to make Bible classes interesting, bibilical, and enjoyable.  Kids love our classes!  In addition, we have a very active PB&J group (Ages 4-6 yrs old), Tweens group (Grades 4-6), Junior High, and Senior High group. They are regularly involved in many spiritual activities, and also do fun things as well.  Aside from having an excellent youth director, many parents are also actively involved.