About Us


In our age many people either ridicule or ignore the Bible.  We do not. From our pulpit you will hear that respect for the Bible is a number one priority and is essential to a continued atmosphere of harmony and peace which has characterized this congregation through the years.

Every sermon is scripture filled, practical, and understandable.  You are encouraged to read along and studyfor yourself.  You can rest assured that you will never be embarrassed.

The North Jackson Church of Christ is led by elders and served by deacons who are committed to the word of God.  Our Bible school is staffed by teachers who uphold the truth of God's inspired book.  We follow no creed or teaching not found in the Bible.  For this reason we are committed to never adding to or taking away from the word of God.

Our youth minister, is biblically sound in every respect.  In fact it is difficult to find someone who is so well liked, does an excellent job with the youth, and yet has an obvious Bible based approach.  We trust the Bible as a reliable guide in this troubled world.