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Sermon Topic
12-24-00 David Barker The Spiritual and the Incidental
12-24-00 Kelby Smith How To Know If You Are Dying
12-17-00 Kelby Smith They That Were Ready
12-17-00 Kelby Smith He That Purposeth in His Heart
12-10-00 JW Rosemark Church of Christ
12-10-00 Kelby Smith Lessons From Peter's Denial of Christ
12-03-00 Brian King West Tennessee Children's Home
12-03-00 Kelby Smith The Scriptures Speak of Jesus
11-26-00 Kelby Smith What Does It Mean To Be Faithful
11-26-00 Kelby Smith Saints In Caesar's Household
11-19-00 Kelby Smith Who Art Thou, Lord?
11-19-00 Kelby Smith Solomon's Search For Happiness
11-12-00 David Barker Showers of Blessings
11-12-00 Kelby Smith Wearing The Name Christian
11-05-00 Kelby Smith The Greatest Things In Life
11-05-00 Kelby Smith Justified By His Blood
10-22-00 David Barker The Gang Culture
10-22-00 Kelby Smith Will God Keep A Promise?
10-08-00 Kelby Smith The Death of Christ
10-08-00 Kelby Smith Lessons From the Book of Daniel
10-01-00 Kelby Smith The Eternal Principles of God In Dealing With Man
10-01-00 Kelby Smith Things Which Are Precious
09-24-00 Kelby Smith Discouraged But Not Defeated
09-24-00 Kelby Smith The Changeless Christ In A Changing World
09-17-00 Kelby Smith The Purpose of The Fourth Gospel
09-17-00 Kelby Smith What The Bible Says
09-10-00 David Barker The Sanity of Jesus
09-10-00 David Barker The Future Of A Nation
09-03-00 Kelby Smith Warnings From Heaven
09-03-00 Kelby Smith How To Strengthen Our Homes
08-20-00 NM The Lord's Work In Linden Guyana
08-20-00 Kelby Smith Souls - Our #1 Priority
08-13-00 David Barker Eyewitnesses of His Majesty
08-13-00 Kelby Smith Dangerous Attitudes Toward Sin
08-06-00 David Barker Ebedmelech
08-06-00 David Barker Where Is God When It Hurts
07-30-00 Kelby Smith The Work of Elders
07-23-00 David Barker A Man Carrying Water
07-23-00 David Barker Essentials For Elders
07-16-00 Harris Goodwin The Lord's Work In Honduras
07-16-00 Kelby Smith The Scripture Cannot Be Broken
07-09-00 O.D. Johns What I Must Do To Be Lost
07-09-00 Kelby Smith The Greatest Thing
07-02-00 Kelby Smith The Biblical Concept of Spirituality
07-02-00 Kelby Smith The Book of Acts
06-25-00 Kelby Smith Parable Vs. Practice
06-25-00 Kelby Smith Eternal Life and Heaven According to the Scriptures
06-18-00 David Barker Previews of a Ritual
06-18-00 David Barker Disconnected
06-11-00 Kelby Smith How Can the Church Survive
06-11-00 Kelby Smith How Can We Overcome Pride and Arrogance
06-04-00 Kelby Smith The Distinctiveness of Christianity
06-04-00 Kelby Smith Learning From A Friend of God
05-28-00 Kelby Smith What In Life Has Value
05-28-00 David Barker Desert Kids
05-21-00 LO The Work In Ukraine
05-21-00 Kelby Smith The Lord's Supper
05-14-00 Kelby Smith The Great Salvation
05-14-00 Kelby Smith Parents And Children
05-07-00 David Barker New Every Morning
05-07-00 Kelby Smith Modest Dress
05-03-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Tuesday Evening
05-02-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Tuesday Evening
05-01-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Monday Evening
04-30-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Sunday Evening
04-30-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Sunday Morning
04-30-00 David Powell Gospel Meeting Sunday Morning Class
04-23-00 Kelby Smith Lessons From The Loaves And Fishes
04-23-00 Kelby Smith Preparing For Our Gospel Meeting
04-16-00 David Barker The Sense Of A Shepherd
04-16-00 David Barker The Book Of Praise
04-09-00 Kelby Smith Christ Is Preached
04-09-00 Kelby Smith Lifting Up christ
04-02-00 DM International Bible College
04-02-00 Kelby Smith John: The Beloved Apostle
03-26-00 Kelby Smith The Four Ups
03-26-00 Kelby Smith Finding My Place In Soul Winning
03-19-00 Kelby Smith Jesus, The Light Of The World
03-19-00 Kelby Smith An Enemy Hath Done This
03-12-00 David Barker The Heart of Jesus
03-12-00 David Barker The Church In A Religious World
03-05-00 Kelby Smith Needed: Christians With Their Eyes Wide Open!
03-05-00 Kelby Smith Giving: A Spiritual Barometer
02-27-00 David Barker Nazareth
02-27-00 Kelby Smith Giving: A Spiritual Barometer
02-20-00 Kelby Smith Lessons From The Church At Jerusalem
02-20-00 Kelby Smith Sin Not Against The Child
01-30-00 Kelby Smith The Exalted Church
01-19-00 Kelby Smith Church Discipline
01-16-00 Kelby Smith Motivation For Christian Living
01-09-00 David Barker Friends In Low Places
01-09-00 Kelby Smith The Power Of The Word Of God
01-02-00 Kelby Smith Making Impressions In Heaven
01-02-00 Kelby Smith Getting A Great Start In The Millennium