The Deacons of North Jackson Church of Christ
Group 1
A, B, C
Chad Banks
PB&J, Fellowship Program
Jason Brashier
Finance/Money Counting, Worship Appointments, Young Professionals
Al Earls
Member Involvement, Worship Appointments
Chris Morris
Bldg. Maintenance, Grounds, Sound/Technology, Website Ministry
Scott Wyatt
Group 2
D, E, F,H
Scott Dahlstrom
Saftey/Security, Sound/Technology, Web Ministry
Jon Ewing
Education, Safety/Security
David Forbis
Grounds, Sandwich Club
Sean Jones
College Age, Youth: Sr. High, Youth Safe Work Program
John Taylor
Building Maintenance, Grounds, Van/Transportation
Group 3
I, J, K, L, M
Paul Anderson
Youth: Tweens
Glynn Carden
Safety /Security
Jared Jackson
Adam Minton
Insurance, Safety/Security, Tweens
Group 4
G, R, S
Adam Carlucci
Jimmy Johnson
Bldg. Maintenance, Information Media, Primetimers, New Horizons
Chris Ramey
Seniors/Widows, Young Professionals
Chad Scott
Lads-To-Leaders, Youth: Jr High, 30-Somethings
Jason Smith
Youth, Member Involvement, Grounds, Youth Safe Work Program
Randy White
Singing, Safety/Security
Group 5
N, O, P, Q, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Greg Henry
Lads-To-Leaders, Youth: Jr High
Kevin Martin
Grounds, Van/Transportation, Dorcas Ministry
Chris White
Benevolence Disaster Relief, Deacon Involvement
Michael Wilson
Library Tracts/Literature, Seniors/Widows,
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