Fellowship Groups
The North Jackson Church of Christ is concerned that new members (those who place membership, those who are baptized or restored), and newcomers to our area that visit our services are made to feel welcome and a part of our family.

Three or four families decide they will work together for a period of time. They meet monthly for fellowship.  The criteria is that they invite a newcomer family to meet with them.  The families take turns meeting in each other's homes, restaurants, or picnic areas.  A different newcomer family will meet with the fellowship groups each month.  So, the newcomer soon gets to know many people at North Jackson.

Friendships are formed and the newcomer soon feels at home.  Hopefully, they will choose to also become part of the fellowship groups.

One of the deacons works with this program.  The preacher and deacon work together to distribute names of newcomers that need to be encouraged.

Currently Active Fellowship Groups :

Sandwich Club : The age for this group are the 30's, 40's and early 50's. The members of this group are "Sandwiched" in between the Mash and Primetimers Group. They plan an activity each month, usually during the last weekend. Often, the MASH and Sandwich groups get together for their activity.

PRIMETIMERS : Just about anybody from the late 50's to 70's can be in the Primetimers. Activities are planned each month by different members of the group.

GOLDEN LUNCH BUNCH : This group is made up of older members. Lunch is provided for them the second Saturday in every month by one of the Groups. The fellowship room is decorated beautifully when they come together and makes them feel very special.